3D Printed MacBook Pro fan vents!

Here’s a quickie for today…If you happen to have a newer model MacBook Pro, specifically the 16″ model – these ducts might help for heat dissipation. Whether you are gaming in bootcamp, or just run a hot workload, this should be a huge help. I designed and tested these, and they do work surprisingly great – so I just had to share.

In most MacBook Pro models, the heat exhaust vents downward, and then spreads in all directions. This captures the heat exhaust, and routes it away from the laptop (and from those the intake vents).

These are meant for stationary use, and have been temperature tested (PLA is fine). As you can see – even on a cooling mat the performance was better than expected. While I didn’t exactly test for exact temperatures, I did do rough temperature check during tough workloads and noticed a difference.

This may even work on other thin profile or ultrabook style laptops.

Don’t own a 3D printer? Reach out to amacfa@gmail.com and I’ll mail you two, just pay shipping!


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