3D Printed MacBook Pro fan vents!

Here’s a quickie for today…If you happen to have a newer model MacBook Pro, specifically the 16″ model – these ducts might help for heat dissipation. Whether you are gaming in bootcamp, or just run a hot workload, this should be a huge help. I designed and tested these, and they do work surprisingly greatContinue reading “3D Printed MacBook Pro fan vents!”

Bitcoin energy myth, and the flaws of Proof of Stake

The myth Bitcoin uses too much energy People often complain about Bitcoin’s energy use, and throw around useless metrics like cost per transaction. This metric is useless because Bitcoin uses almost all of it’s energy during the mining and minting process, and hardly any at all for day to day transactions. Also: The energy spent isContinue reading “Bitcoin energy myth, and the flaws of Proof of Stake”

Troubleshooting and Install of the BL Touch on the Ender 3 Max (or others!)

The BL Touch is a wonderful tool to enhance your 3D Printing setup. Like me, you were probably expecting a plug and play style installation. What reality ends up being is you’ll likely run into multiple issues. Thankfully, after spending 12+ hours troubleshooting, there are some things I hopefully can share for some of youContinue reading “Troubleshooting and Install of the BL Touch on the Ender 3 Max (or others!)”

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